Get seated…

I am making progress every evening. Most basic colors are blocked in. And all cockpits are painted on. Next step will be some detail painting. And some grey undersides. After thar I will give them a gloss varnish and prepare for decalling. Hopefully finishing the first planes next week.

The only helicopters are some allouette III’s one for rescueing downed pilots, the other used as scout. Maybe I will add some in the future. Also note this is the Dutch air force, and doesn’t jet include the marine air force.
The hawker hunters. Unfortunately the tumbling dice version doesn’t do the nice shapes much justice..

Dutch airforce references

Most of the colorschemes I am using on the Dutch air force planes, are found on the following site:


The site has a collection with references for modeling, but also includes colorschemes used with the Dutch air forces. Most of the time showing the different variants and deliveries used. It has been very helpfull for me.

Airforce is growing slowly

Yesterday and today I have spent some time painting aircraft. This is a slow progress. Every time referencing some photos and choosing what to paint. But it is progress and enjoyable. It will take still significant time to complete everything.

Yesterday evening. Some grey colors ont the modern jet fighters and the cockpits.
This evening the USAF F86 Sabres stationed at Soesterberg AB.


A small update for last week. I have made some progress and played a game. My father and I have played our second game of chain of command. Knowing the rules better it went more smootly. But we have still some things to learn. The scenario was a village road crossing, trying to be captured by both sides. My father played the 1940 Dutch forces, and I the opposing German forces. It ended with a firefight accros one of the roads, with the fire power of my mg34 defeating the Bike platoon of the Dutch.

The crossroad. With my squads on the left side, and the bike cycle platoon on the right in a firefight.

Next to the game I have also managed to do some painting/creating. I have started to make a terrain cloth, with canvas lined with chaulk. I have mixed some color into the chaulk, creating a nice earth tone. This is the first very thin layer. Next I hope to apply a second layer, mixing some sand in it, to get a rougher texture. After that I will apply some grass/turf to create some random landscape.

Terrain cloth

I have also spend some time painting the cold war Dutch airforce planes, just spending an sunday afternoon hour. Still a lot of work to do. But progress is progress.

all the cold war Dutch Air force planes, and some USAF 32nd TSF stationed in the Netherlands. Also the B 52 didn’t fit somewhere else, so resides also in this box. I painted the F4’s, some Thunderstreaks and T33 and started with the gloster meteors. Hope to make some more detailed photos when they are finished.

Shooting Napoleon era Muskets

Next to wargaming, I also have another hobby. Target shooting. Just before the Covid-19 period I recorded some black powder shooting. It is one of the greatest disciplines to shoot. Especially flint lock shooting, as it is quite unpredictable, a lot of smoke and a loud bang.

So some Napoleonic era shooting with some explanation.



And the time has flown by, and I have not posted that much last year. My life has changed quite considerable. Most of it is not directly Covid related. Becoming a father and finding a new job, has changed my time allocation. Therefore not much progress, and even less time to blog/record this.

A DIY Battle mat. I started with a 30 by 30 cm sample piece. Cotton with a Chaulk and sand top layer, with some turf and grass as decoration. I am planning to make a larger 90 x 120cm version for my 2mm army projects.

But I will update a little on the progress. I have started a complete new project. With the order for 2mm Burgundian army, I have also ordered 1 Roman army and 1 Dacion/Germanic army. Last two weeks I started with these tho armies. Basing them and preparing them for painting.

Next to that I have painted some scale models. That was a hobby I started before I learned wargaming, and what makes me somewhat experienced in painting models. I still like make and paint these models. So some periods I will spent more time on those projects. Maybe I will show someday some of these models

Some paper terrain, just a small test piece I made. Some cardboard layers with brown paper top layer and watercolor paint.

I also started painting the Frostgrave army/Characters. Together with the 2mm armies, I ordered some extra 10mm soldiers from irregular miniatures. I have based these, and painted 9 skeletons, 5 characters and 1 giant. I hope to take some photos and update on this in the near future.

Next to this, I have played several games with my father. As it is family and the Covid rules allow still visits I am lucky I can make some games. But less frequent as before. We have played 1 game of Infinity and 1 game of Chain of Command. My father has a decent army in 20mm for the early war Germand and Dutch troops. We hope to play some more games, as it are interesting rules.

The Germanic/Dacian army sorted out before basing

With this first post this year, I hope I will start updating a little more often. Hopefully at least ones every month. But no guarantees. I certainly will post another video after this post. One I starter earlier, which involves some Black Powder shooting. Something slightly different and hopefully informative.

with regards.