Decals first try out

I had already some planes painted up on the Dutch air war of 1940. 4 Fokker G1, 4 Fokker DXXI, 2 Bf110, 4 Bf109 and 3 Do17. I also do have some others left to paint. But I could not finish them as the roundels where missing. But last friday they did arrive. And because the planes were already painted and coated in gloss I could directly start.

The four Fokker G1 wihtout the roundels to start with.

I started with the four Fokker G1 planes. After a quick search on the web, I determined that decals should be put at six positions. Top and bottom of the wings two each, and on the outside of the tail boom. Also there has been two variations in the 1939-1940 period. The 4 color rozet the same as in use today, which was replaced at end of 1939 with a orange triangle.

As I wanted to try out multiple sheets of the decals, I did one of the Fokkers with the Rozet, and the other three with triangles.

The Fokker G1 with rozets on six positions. The rozet on the tail boom was not yet flat, so has been later solved with some extra decal soft.

Next to the Fokkers I did also try out the German “Balkenkreuz” on the Do17. Process of application is quite simple. I did already have experience with scale modelling kits, especially smaller scale, so it was not to difficult to handle. First cut out the decals, close to the edges. Put them in a little water for a couple of seconds, and put them aside (I placed them on a cutting mat with contrasting color, to easily spot them) After a short wait, I picked up with the decals on a sharp exacto knife blade with a needle. And placed them on the planes. With a needle I put it in the correct position. With a dry large soft brush, I pressed them in place. Because the brush is dry it will soak up all the extra water. After that I put a drop of Revell Decal Soft on it, to secure and form it in place (it will force it in the recesses, and make sure that it is flat. To secure it I do a matt varnish afterwards (still have to do that. Only Have done on of the Do17s to check if there is no chemical reactions)

All the planes done so far. For the Fokkers I have still to do the orange triangles at the tail booms, and two of the underwing tringles.
Another view of the planes.

At this moment I am very happy with the decals, and how they work. Now I have to make some production line. Finish all the Fokkers G1, do the Fokker DXXI and paint up the Fokker CV, so they can also receive decals. Then finish all the Germans, and I can play the first game.

Hope to make a better photo progress report of the different steps in the future. Maybe with the Dutch cold war or the Ethiopian and Eritrean planes.

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