HMS Glasgow and HMS Brilliant sunk in Falklands

Last week I played some Missile Threat in the Falklands with my father. As I was painting the house, I did not have time to write this report earlier.

HMS Glasgow (type 42) and HMS Brilliant (type 22), still unpainted from the collection of my father.

The scenario is loosely based the attack of the HMS Glasgow (type 42) and HMS Brilliant (type 22). Forming a Type 42-22 combo. In our scenario the two ships are patrolling, with two harrier on CAP mission in the vicinity. The Argentinean are planning two attack with two flights of two a-4 Skyhwaks and a flight of two mirages. All equipped with bombs. The Skyhawks are coming in low (level 1) over land, to avoid detection, and mirages are entering on just cruising height somewhat behind.

Begin deployment. The ships are patrolling in the south, two Hariers on CAP in the West, and three flights of attackers approaching from the North-East. The Mirages and two of the Skyhawks are still unpainted from the collection of my father. The Hariers and the other two Skyhawks are from my own collection and painted up. The map is from my father, he designed himself with google earth images and let it print on PVC.

Because the Harrier where some distance away they would not intercept before the first attack. Therefore the first pair of Skyhawks came in low and fast and took the ships by surprise. Damaging the HMS Glasgow, keeping her crew occupied with saving the vessel. So already the air defense of one of the ships was taken out. The Harriers had closed in, and on of them fired a sidewinder on the first pair, from a large distance. This missile tried to track them but was in the end out ranged, and missed. The second harrier spotted the other two waves and tried to get a advantageous position.

The Harrier launches a sidewinder from long distance, just before the first bombs hit.
Blue dice is aircraft number (Argentinean blue, British red) Black dice is height and yellow dice the speed.
The sidewinder will eventually miss, but the attack is successful heavily damaging the ship. Knocking it out of action. Th HMS Brilliant was still unaware.

The second wave of Skyhawks closed in too quickly and the Harriers couldn’t prevent the attack. The HMS Brilliant was alerted by the previous attack, and was shooting with Medium AA, but the AA missles were not ready. One of the Skyhawks did attack the already damaged HMS Glasgow, and was hit again, sinking the ship. The HMS Brilliant was hit and lightly damaged.

Although now on Battle stations, the HMS Brilliant couldn’t do anything to prevent some minor damage.

The Harriers started to get behind the multiple attackers. Performing some advanced maneuvers to align their guns. They got some hits, wounding one of the Mirage pilots. But this was not enough to stop them, and the Mirages sunk the HMS Brilliant on the next attack. One of the Skyhawks was less lucky, and got shot down after it already had released its bombs.

The Hariers try to shoot down the attacking planes. Mostly with gun attacks.

Then the fight was over quite quickly, the Harriers went back to the carrier as there was nothing to defend, and the Argentineans went home bingo on fuel.

The causalities of the game. One Skyhawk shot down by the Harriers, and two ships sunk.

This was a good scenario, we had hoped the ships would have a bigger impact with their air defenses and that is why the British lost so much. Therefore this was a mayor victory for the Argentineans, as they only lost one Skyhawk, but sunk to ships.

The Missle Threat rules are very interesting and fun to play. But sometimes a little challenging to remember all the pilot actions. (When to perform a pilot check, and which attacks are allowed on which moment) Only the missiles feel a little strange. IR guided missiles are much easier to fire. And do not perform that much differently than radar guided ones. So it is very beneficial to have IR missiles over radar guided ones. Probably will play more games in the future. Hope to do also some solo campaign with the Ethiopian air force.

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  1. Yeah just wanted to comment on the Scenario:looked particularly interesting!! I was in TFSouth (5inf BDE attached: RAFRegt 63sqn SHORAD ie BAE Rapier SAM) we arr FALKLANDS june1st 82 CMDR RA deployed Various Units To locations we spent fortnight !??? Poss longer on GEOG. Feature “The Knob” later redeployed entrance to SAN CARLOS bay!! An 3CDO BDE RM SIGs relay tm (to HMS INVINCIBLE !!?) at same location within a week !! WE had an FAA air strike (across BAY OR Sound entrance!!!! A follow up air strike frm6BDE FAA yeah MIRAGE IIIs 2 ac. (OK! It took me about 10 years to find out WHAT WHERE when etc LOL ) HMS Plymouth or EXETER(excuse my 60yrs memory!!) Was Target (ON PT. AIR DEF duty UNLUCKY guys!! ) 2 memories of that INSTANT micro minutes flash :A DELTA wing Fuselage “FLASH” off the LD Mirage …and a SMOKEING HMS Plymouth !!! Well SO much for RAPIER and THE 101?? BLINDFIRE radar (OUR main Task tbh AS ALWAYS “FOG OF WAR ” to be BLUNT ! ) AIR DEF NOT the finest( UK HMF ) MOMENT ….. Indeed!! Or ROLE shambolic TBT hope you find the info USEFUL !!?? Not a vast amount of Printed HISTORICAL data etc on BR AIr Def particularly RAPIER gen!!! An aviation mag ran article “RAPIER NEMISIS of FAA SKYHAWK ” I rang up editor and told him “Misinformation !!” AH WELL I tried ! MY schooldays next dr Neighbours SON was S.ATLANTIC RN HMS GLASGOW :IRON bombs air attack SKYHAWKS !!!! Good to see an S.ATLANTIC wargaming OPS NOT ENOUGH of it !!! Cheers Lad’s thanks for listening

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