Projects and dreams II

More than a year ago, I presented some plans and ideas. Time to present an update. Some projects have lost interest, miniatures have been aquired and games have been played. I hope that this overview will provide some renewed motivation to finish more projects.

New rules

  • Sword and Spear
  • Frostgrave
  • Burrows and Badgers
  • (Bolt Action)

Over the past year I have aquired some new rule sets. Sword and Spear looks a good rule set for late medieval games. I still have to make some army. And I have always the possibilty to use it also for ancient wargame, if I want to expand in that direction. Frostgrave I aquired free, due to Osprey Publishing lockdown actions. I didn’t think that I would play the game, but after reading the rules, and seeing the options for terrain, I am planning to start a frostgrave project. Burrows and Badgers looks also to be a nice game, but no plans yet. Bolt action is mentioned between brackets. I don’t have the rules myself, and am not directly planning a project. But my father aquired the rules and has started to make an army, so proabably will play some games in the future.


I have aquired a lot of airplanes, so now it is time to paint them. I have already started and primed a big batch. Also I hope to play a few games of Pikemans Lament in the near future, so I should finish my army.

Pikemans Lament requires also some terrain to play. I have started to sqratchbuild some. This is looking very nice, and fun to do. Because a lot of the terrain would also fit a Frostgrave era too, I have decided to do Frostgrave in 10mm. I had some leftover figures from the 10mm army, which might give a starting warband in Frostgrave. Probably I have to invest more. But maybe good to finish some parts first.

Next to that I still have some 28mm figures. These are not high priority, but some nice painting excersises.

  • 1:600 scale aircraft
  • 10mm Pikemans Lament
  • 10mm terrain
  • 10mm Frostgrave
  • 28mm 4 lads try out
  • 28mm infinity


During all the above actions, there are still some dreams left to start new armies. For the Sword and Spear rules, I hope to create a pair of 2mm armies. Also I hope to expand the Frostgrave rules and miniatures, to actually start playing some games.

During my research for the airwar above Ethiopia, the books also described some ground actions. This wants me to invest in some ground forces, to enably to have combined actions if possible. For this I am thinking about FiveCore Brigade/Company commander. But I am waiting for the Wargamevault Summersale, and hope they are on sale then. I already have some small ammounts of tanks and figures in 3mm.

Next to that I hope to expand the 10mm Frostgrave, both in army as terrain. The terrain would have a double function also in the Pikemans Lament games.

  • 3mm scale modern armies and rules
  • 2mm scale medieval armies
  • 10mm Frostgrave expanded
  • 10mm Frostgrave terrain


Parrallel to above projects I hope to continue my reasearch in the following topics. But probably will these have the lowerst priority. Occacionally reading some books. I expect that above projects will eat most of the time.

  • Battle of Scherpenzeel
  • War crimes and wargaming
  • Modern wars in Africa


To motivate me, and steamline the different projects, I hope to create a challenge for myself. A 10 week building/painting challenge. Everyweek will get a goal to finish a unit or piece of terrain. I am still in thinking process. Hope to post more details of the challenge at the end of the month.

ProjectScaleStatusRule set
Dutch air war 19401:600PaintingLacquered Coffins
Spanish Civil air war 1:600 PaintingLacquered coffins
Modern air war (try out) 1:600 Played Missile Threat
Cold war Dutch air force 1:600 Painting Missile Threat
Ethiopian Eritrean Somalia
Painting Missile Threat
Napoleonic mass battles
(including Quatre Bras)
2 mm Painting 2 by 2 Napoleonic
Morale Napoleon
Late medieval Dutch
Stichtse oorlog ~1480
2 mm Research
Sword&Spear 2nd
80 year war 10 mm
Pikemans Lament
80 Year war (try out)
Pikemans Lament
Early Roman Empire (try out)

Nomads (Sci Fi) 28 mm
Corvus Belli Infinity
Modern african wars 3 mm
FiveCore Comapany commander
Frostgrave 10 mm

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